Project Promote Education
Background of identified children
Typically, the identified students belong to a family of daily wagers or home-maid who resides in slums. Although these children are enrolled in school(s) but due to lack of the requisite education material like basic stationery these children are compelled to manage their entire academic year with as little as one or two notebooks for all their subjects for the entire year!! Team Umang has witnessed instances of these children discontinuing / dropping our going to the school due to scarcity of means to buy new notebooks. This, the effort is to equip these children – the future of India with basic educational material to ease out the scarcity at a fundamental level.

Impact of Umang Foundation's approach
Umang Foundation has been successful in bringing down the number of drop outs which were witnessed due to non-availability of resources post its initiative Promote Education – ‘ek kadam ujwal bhavisya ki aur’. This has encouraged donors and resulted in the continued progressive distribution trend of Umang Foundation.

Feedback from school staff
Students are able to have meticulous and organized structure of their education, this clearly contributes to a high morale of a happy child pleased to have the facility and being away from the feeling of deprivation. Students are happy that they are having separate notebooks for each subjects, they can now maintain their class work neat and clean in separate subject notebooks.

Education to every child is very important to ensure today a better tomorrow of our country. In most of the cases children drops out from school because their family could not support them financially and could not afford education material and other resources for them.

Umang Foundation is determined to support a minimum of 20,000 students every year which is not possible without support and engagement of able corporate.